6 thoughts on “BFO186 – The Blah-Blah Cast

  1. Sorry to hear you were so poopy. I hope you ass is clean now.

    What do you mean there’s nothing happening in May??? That’s my REAL birthday month! Don’t give it away!

    I saw the Big Run too and was also looking for Arthur.

  2. The bastards at the Big Run cut my scene. Isn’t that just typical? Maybe if I’d been portraying reporter interviewing a guy on a bridge I’d have my scene in. Oh, well…

  3. i bet it was that bulk bacon that gave you the poopies that will teach you not to buy the bulk of bacon and buy the good stuff. hope you feel better soon later sky

  4. Bless your heart. I think your tub of boy butter could have gone bad. You should be all clear in 24 hours. And remember check your local walgreens this month for Flu Shot dates. You should have your bacon on saturday or monday depending on the postal service. You will get an email when it ships.

    Love and Best Dishes


  5. Hey Big Fatty, I am sorry you are not feeling well, get better soon. I know it sucks having back door trots.


  6. Two questions Big Fatty. 1.Did your morning coffee enter orally or anally? 2.Are you aware that DQ Rick is a witchdoctor,and has sewn a Big Fatty doll together?

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