BFO1995 – Bacon Bits

The Fat One natters his way through today’s LITTLE show which include something in the Villa mailbox, an “Ask Big Fatty” question from Patty Bacon and some nattering about a brand new podcast with some familiar voices. Subscribe to it at


4 thoughts on “BFO1995 – Bacon Bits

  1. This is the best show ever. Sydnee listened and enjoyed it.

    You’re the greatest fatty fart pants.

  2. Any BTW I love the Elroy and Hubert show. I listened until Elroy drop the F bomb and then shut it off.

    Will finish listening later. I have a feeling ka… Err, I mean ELROY is going to let his hairs down on this one. Well – if that F word is any indication.

    Later tooters. We are at birthday dinner.

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