2 thoughts on “BFO2134 – Sound the Bagpipes….

  1. Isn’t your huge tax return because of your house purchase? We get to pay in a lot more taxes this year. Smelly got a gigantic raise. They’re doing away with bonuses and paying the bonus amount over the year and giving back pay and ~ well – now we are probably going from 17% to 22%!and I had three years of our finances all planned out. Now I have to start over & make this all work with this huge wrench. I have so much college to pay and save for. Ugh. And cars. We have so many cars and need two more. And ~ house. What to do with the house. It needs updates. Do we update before we sell. And my work. There are serious issues here. Thankful for this raise. We are very fortunate ~ who knew 25 years ago we would be

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