2 thoughts on “BFO2157 – Lard Maintenance

  1. June contest is going to “Big Fatty I Arted” contest. Here is the deal. Send Big Fatty Refrigerator art. It must be of your own creation. You can email drawings in too. Get your entrée in before midnight on June 30th. Then in July Big Fatty will pick a winner. The prize is HUGE.

  2. To make easy on people in Mexico countries you can start mailing your entrees in May 23 and write do not open till June. But if they come in before the May 23 they will not count. It can be a drawing, painting, noodle art, make a painting with coffee & kitty litter (Saytrsphere that one’s for you) or even a magnet you create to hang the art. Be creative as you want.

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