2 thoughts on “BFO2193 – Pride48 2016 – Part 3 (Repost)

  1. I was was hoping more people would send in more art. Especially opening it up to email and offering a HUGE prize. If you end up draw my name as winner you can give the cash money to Pride48.
    If the FLOBFO wins it better go toward junior college fund. It’s clear that had to been juniors art work. So I stand by my question where the FLOBFO art work?

  2. Hi Big Fattie:

    I’m Jaime from Mexico, Brian from Boston’s boyfriend.
    I just started listening to your podcast and I find it quiet fun. It is a little bit hard for me to understand you when you freak out and you accent doesn’t help to much. But I will not unsuscribe, not for now.


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