8 thoughts on “BFO2339 – A Little Empty

  1. My next periodical will be addressed fart pants. It does make me LOL and my mailman loves Bacon mail. He’s said so.

  2. Red white and blue lights sound very festive.

    Glad you got some outdoor lights. Was concerned about your using indoor lights outside.

  3. From yesterday’s weekly conversation with my Haterina:

    Me: “Happy New Year! And I remembered to say ‘Rabbit Rabbit’ this morning.”

    My Haterina: “‘Rabbit Rabbit’? What on earth does that mean?”

    Me: “Um. It’s, um, just something you say for good luck. On the first of the month.”

    My Haterina: “I’ve never heard of such a thing.” (suspiciously) “Who told you that?”

    Me: “Big Fa–oh never mind.” (a short silence) “A friend told me. It’s a Southern thing I think.”

    My Haterina: “Oh, Catherine, I’ll never understand you. You were such a cute child.”

    My mother always tells me I was a cute child when she finds my actions as an adult somehow inexplicable. Then I remind her I was kept on a leash as a child.

  4. Agreed, Moose P…I got a little twitterpated when BF started talking about his lit patriotic bush!

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