BFO2351 – Suckin’ on One Now

The Fat one does some nattering before taking some voice letters and reading some entries in the January Content Contest. Happy Humping and a special remembrance of David in Denver (who assisted in making the Hamisol) on what would be his birthday.

3 thoughts on “BFO2351 – Suckin’ on One Now

  1. Glad you are feeling less financial stress. I can relate. Go through same feelings when I buy anything on credit.

  2. I am in your boat in January after I pay college tuition again. Back to square one. Now to start saving for his masters. Thankfully paying off the Yukon has freed up a boatload of money. Basically I am about done with 1.5 kids.

  3. Did i miss something? How does the Number 1 fan know about my chart? Also, Brian is one of the smartest people i know! And it must be fate he’s promoting me. Not only did i go to school in Bridgeport, CT….but Dan…Danbury….it just makes sense! Hear Ye Hear Ye!!!

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