4 thoughts on “BFO2352 – Married Boys

  1. I Had to chuckle at MooseP’s comment, I have that issue a lot. I did want to say the Ask Big Fatty music never fails to get a smile from me :), what is it based off of?

  2. Good Lord Fart. If you’re going to do a car show with Fey make sure you grab your window sticker listing all your options and car description. He’s going to want to know about cc’s and alloy wheels. Whatever that means.

    Can’t wait to hear a garage podcast.

    I’m so old I can’t remember the name of it.

  3. Will your colleagues at the Coal Mine lose 5 lbs after you retire?
    They won’t be getting those delicious snicka-snacks every Wednesday afternoon!
    I predict the Coal Mine Office will be very sad, but svelte.

    Does the Ruby Red Slippa Ford Entendre have a name?
    You could, of course, call her Miss Dorothy.
    Perhaps Poodle and Fey will help with a name…
    Unless, of course, you already have one.

    Do you think you might be getting a TheraFlu habit?
    How about me? Do you think I might be getting a TheraFlu habit?

    I’m practicing the so-so questions for our little contest next month!

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