3 thoughts on “BFO2350 – Braggadocios

  1. Gus Chad Contest Entry:

    Fart I adore you because you have the kindest way of saying everything and you are just fun from beginning to end. You’re a tightwad and not afraid to admit it. You’re the worst co-worker ever there was but you step it up when you need to. (I don’t know if that’s true, Tommy said make shit up). At the end of the day you are the biggest lurker. You pay attention to all of us kids and you have a huge heart and I credit the hats. They did a fine job raising you fart. People should aspire to be kinda like you and Tommy. Guys I’m happy to have met. And you pulled my damn chair out for me!!! Who does that? A regular gentleman with some southern charm.

    There. Now the rest of you assholes get to playing Gus Chads game.

    (Why I curse at the oddest moments).

    I still think Baron Frosti has the best entry so far ~ but there’s time. Calling you out Sassy and your sidekick Toppie!!! And you Lexi and your hot daddy Timmy! And how can Adam ever win if he doesn’t play!! C’mon Christina!! Where’s our west coast report!!!?

    Okay ~ and also I keep in touch with you it increases my chances with LHV.

    Lurry Dean Smooches kids.

    Be kind to one another.

  2. Is it Ruby Red like slippers (slippas) –or–
    Ruby Red like a Texas grapefruit?
    Enquiring minds need to know.

    Congratulations on the new Ford Enema! (or was that a Ford Edema? a Ford Edemame?A Ford Edsel? No. That’s not right. A Ford Excel. That sounds familiar.)

    As my Haterina would say, “Use it in good health!”

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