BFO2357 – New Doctor

The Fat One talks about his new doctor and upcoming procedure before taking calls and entries into the January Content Contest which end Sunday, Jan. 29 at Noon EST. Happy National Meat Month.

3 thoughts on “BFO2357 – New Doctor

  1. I wanted to join everyone else who has had nice things to say about you and your show. I enjoy your interactions with your co-host. I enjoy all your segments, especially the technology segments since no one else does those.

    I also appreciate hearing the contributions of everyone else who calls in. It’s no fun at all, contemplating the looming void that happens after the last show.

    I was glad to have had the chance to meet you in person.

  2. I second Crone’s emotion (Hi Cronehaven!): I’m in denial as the show numbers creep up into the mid-2000s. And I’ve been delighted to hear everyone getting all mushy. Thank you, GusChad!

    Speaking of looming voids, I couldn’t help but note that Big Fatty is getting a colonoscopy on the same day as I’m going to the dentist’s. Are we forming some kind of medical centip…

    Oh, never mind! Pardon my French, Miss Poodle. (Do you remember a time when men would swear or say something dirty, then turn to the nearest woman and say, “Pardon my French”?)

    Done nattering. Thank you for calling!

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