3 thoughts on “BFO2357 – New Doctor

  1. Hope the colon cleansing prep goes smoothly. That’s the worst part of the procedure

  2. I wanted to join everyone else who has had nice things to say about you and your show. I enjoy your interactions with your co-host. I enjoy all your segments, especially the technology segments since no one else does those.

    I also appreciate hearing the contributions of everyone else who calls in. It’s no fun at all, contemplating the looming void that happens after the last show.

    I was glad to have had the chance to meet you in person.

  3. I second Crone’s emotion (Hi Cronehaven!): I’m in denial as the show numbers creep up into the mid-2000s. And I’ve been delighted to hear everyone getting all mushy. Thank you, GusChad!

    Speaking of looming voids, I couldn’t help but note that Big Fatty is getting a colonoscopy on the same day as I’m going to the dentist’s. Are we forming some kind of medical centip…

    Oh, never mind! Pardon my French, Miss Poodle. (Do you remember a time when men would swear or say something dirty, then turn to the nearest woman and say, “Pardon my French”?)

    Done nattering. Thank you for calling!

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