4 thoughts on “BFO2365 – So-So Question Month Begins

  1. I’ve listened to the little show for 9 years without ever typing in “bigfatty.com”.
    It’s the last taboo.
    So today I did it.

  2. Poor Cathy 🙁

    I would like to thank the former first fan family for an amazing job and their wonderful contribution to the BFO family. Well done!
    To Nessa, our new Queen of Farts, all the best for year ten. May she rule with wisdom and grace
    Who knows, she even might resume her own podcasting career for as we know talent runs in the family.
    The older baconeers among us will remember her wonderful little shows she did in the late seventies like The Meanies or the legendary Stars & Tartans.
    Finally a female president!!! Atta girl!!!

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