3 thoughts on “BFO2369 – Location Services

  1. Thank for for answering my mediocre question, Big Fatty!

    It sounds like there’s an opportunity for someone
    (and I’m not saying who)
    to be the Rice-a-Roni-issary. (Rice-a-Roni + emissary= Rice-a-Roni-issary??)

    But–even better–if I ever moved to Kenosha, Wisconsin,
    I could become the Rambler Ambassador.
    Everybody looks more streamlined with tailfins.

  2. Holy cats and cows. I haven’t been her for over a week. I’m so busy at work. Then I go to the gym for 90 minutes and by the time I get home and settled its 8 and I’m pooped.

    More reading to do! Cathy is killing it. (:

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