BFO266 – Rat Fink

The Fat One heads into the Fat Cave to chitta-chat about the upcoming start of the new quiz programs.  There’s also a postcard to read AND some old-timey phrases that he shares.  Happy Tuesday!


3 thoughts on “BFO266 – Rat Fink

  1. Even with Steve Wozniak on the Dancing With The Tards, I probably won’t watch. Maybe one or two shows but not the whole thing. I am looking forward to The Big Run starting up again.

  2. Hi Big Fatty,

    The attention in the LGBT community is focused on Mel and Mike in the Big Run since Mel Green is the founder of Soulforce and was a former speech writer for several famous evangelical christian celebrities. He married his partner last year and continues to work towards resolving issues between the LGBT and Christian communities. All this being said, I don’t think it will help him much on the Big Run. Love the FAT

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