6 thoughts on “BFO281 – We’re Counting on a Passel

  1. AVC can’t find a caftan? Forward me her address and I’ll box and ship my 20 year collection of “International Male” catalogs to the Woodland Hills. Caftans and Capri pants galore!

  2. “Answer The Census – We’re Counting On You!”

    What have you done Big Fatty?!

    Living in the UK I had never heard that commercial.

    And now I can’t get it out of my head!!!


    One last thing to say…

    …..Turlet! LOL

  3. Dear Lord! We were making fun of you via the bacolicious MONTHS ago on the Twitter. Guess you’d know if you ever checked it…

  4. Wow I do remeber that commercial. I grew up on a farm in Nebraska and the census would come around in an a huge envelope that we would have check off our name to show that we recieved it and filled out the info on the inside.Then my mom or dad would take it to the next farmers home for them to fill out., then that family would have to take it to then next neighbor and so on.

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