BFO2923 – Ending in 69

The Fat One closes out the week with some VERY special voiceletters and a special anniversirarium. After a week in Hatlanta, I’ll be back in the Villa on Monday. Happy Weekend.

Sorry about the delay in posting yesterday’s LITTLE show. Poodle put in the wrong posting time.

5 thoughts on “BFO2923 – Ending in 69

  1. Whoa! That artwork today! What’s that Jim Carrey quote? “Allllllrighty then. “Nope that’s not it. “That John Denver’s full of shit.” Nope that’s not it. “Smmmoookkkkin”. Yep that’s the one.

  2. Oops…looks like I didn’t enter my details correctly.
    Anyways..Happy Anniversary to the Villa

  3. The Faroes are stimulating indeed!
    With my thoughts with you and the Haterina. As you say most of us have elderly parents in different states of bewilderment and listening to how xou deal with the situation helps a lot.

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