4 thoughts on “BFO2927 – New Butterfingers

  1. Mother Hat is right! That Crimma tree isn’t going to decorate itself!

    Hugs to you both. Hope she can go home soon.

    And now for something completely different…

    Not only was Butter Finger different and better by Curtis, but Mounds was much better by Peter Paul. Nestle screws everything up.

    I really miss the 3 Musketeers that were 3 pieces of candy and each different flavor: vanilla, chocolate and strawberry.

    Oh, the good ol’ Days….

  2. Oh my…Moose, those 3 Musketeers must have been at least 20yrs old that you ate.

  3. So-So goat will be sent. Marie Kondo has a technique for folding goats so they fit neatly in an an ordinary Mead No. 10 security envelope.

    It sounds like everyone could use a comfort goat right about now…

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