5 thoughts on “BFO30 – Mother’s Wisdom

  1. I love the “mother taught me” part. That is so true of my mother as well. I bet she said the same things yours said to you. And yes, I heard the one about the veggies.

    Don’t you just love the buy one get one free? Love that. And I love double coupon day too!

    I called my parents mom and daddy. Now I call my mom Marthy and my dad daddy.

    I remember the show Morning Edition but I didn’t watch it so I had no idea of the music. It sounds like a good concept.

  2. I watched Morning Edition sometimes. Kyle Chandler used to be on the TV show Homefront, which I LOVED watching. He was such a cutie on that show.

    And I call my parents Mom and Dad.

  3. We watched the first season of “First Edition”, but the rest were never broadcast here. I used to liek the sow because it was set in Chicago–that and I thought the mysterious cat was cool. Even so, I never would’ve guess the theme song.

    My parents were Mom and Dad. My mother wanted to be called “mother”, but she didn’t get her way.

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