2 thoughts on “BFO3230 – Granny is Granny

  1. Hi Big Fatty,
    I got Highlights confused with Weekly Reader. We got both of them.. I think my kids got a version of Weekly Reader when they were in school. I was tickled to hear my silly voice on your little show. It made my day. I am a bit nervous, having a minor procedure tomorrow.
    A laugh or two sure helps. Thank you my dear.
    With love and a laugh, Francie
    Hugs and squeezes from a distance to Poodle and Squeaky Kitty. xxxx

  2. Hi again.
    Soup sounds lovely.
    Some news about the Weekly Reader . They stopped publication in 2012 after over 100 year run. Highlights Magazine has been going since 1946.
    I am a helper. xx

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