BFO349 – Off to Wal*Mark

The Fat One gives you some highlights of Day 2 of the Gay Days to include a vivid description of the Kissimmee Wal*Mark.  Oh Lord.  Remember to send your penis photos to the Fat One AND visit the 2009 Gay Days BLOB (which you can get to by going to the BFO).  Happy Friday!


4 thoughts on “BFO349 – Off to Wal*Mark

  1. Hi Archerr – this was a very very lovely and nice show again. I love your calm and mesmerizing voice and that your words are like the soothing sound of rain falling into a mystic pond. The recollection of your day is like a Japanese Zen poem. It looses itself in endless circles into eternity and merges the listener’s mind with the redeeming harmony of the universe. Content sublimates itself tensionlessly into accepting oblivion and peaceful lightness of trivial beauty.

    You are amazing.

  2. Ahh.. the serenity. Just like the soothing sound of Tangueray gin flowing from the heavens,as if angels were pissing on my tongue……

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