2 thoughts on “BFO3491 – Wasting Water

  1. Thanks for the anniversary greeting. This year marked 30 years together. Seems like no time at all.

  2. Hi Big Fatty,
    That concrete cat is creepy, I love it! Also, I am with you about the beach, I like it, do not love it. I burn like a lobster, so when we went I was the one with umbrella , covered up , sitting in the chair, ran in the water , ran back out under the umbrella . I like walking the beach around sunset, looking for shells and sea glass, but not hanging out all day. I did it when kids were younger , happy not to have to do it any longer. Hope you are enjoying the summer time.
    With love and a laugh, Francie (former number 3 fan)
    Hug Poodle , Squeeze Squeaky Kitty and keep cool .xx

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