2 thoughts on “BFO3702 – Rip One van Winkle

  1. I thought we were supposed to hear the Captain Kangaroo song on Wednesdays now. Remember the big media campaign the BFO rolled out last week? I guess the network shut it down before it got started.

  2. Hi Big Fatty,
    I got my 2nd booster this morning , my arm is aching at 6pm, worse than other shots. I got the Dolly shot and had the rash on arm, 24 hours of fever, achy , upset stomach. Doc says it means my immune system is working. All in all better than risking covid.
    Where was the Captain Kangaroo music? Mr. Green Jeans wept.
    With love and a laugh,
    Hug the Poodle and squeeze the Kitty and Chicken ( do not choke it)

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