BFO3744 – Pull Over

The Fat One is at the Metropolis Entertainment Complex but recorded today’s LITTLE show before leaving the Villa. The some talk about the performers at the Inappropriate Cement Pond Party and several voiceletters. Don’t forget the the Tony Awards Sunday night at 8pm on CBS. Happy National Iced Tea Day.

2 thoughts on “BFO3744 – Pull Over

  1. Dear Fatty,
    OMG the Toni perms, the stuff stunk, the perm did not last and my mom put me thru hell trying to make my baby fine hair hold a curl, complete failure. I looked like a poodle. ( no offense Poodle) anyhoo. Have a great day! PS now my hair is wavy, WTH.
    With love and a laugh, Francie
    Hugs and squeezes for Poodle and all the Squeaky critters.

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