BFO3949 – Miss Beaver’s Wooly Mammoth

The Fat One and Daddy Ron close out the week with a recap of the day in Fat Acres which included dinner with Vader and The Jar, uneaten sausage and goodies from Carolina Cheese and Provisions. Happy National Cheesesteak Day.

One thought on “BFO3949 – Miss Beaver’s Wooly Mammoth

  1. Awww, happy birthday little Tristin!!
    I remember his show Lurid City and the InTristin show he did with BigFatty! What is it? 15 years now? Amazing-
    Your outrageous remarks about plaid wearing lesbitarians made me de-lurk.
    Btw, blowing all those cobwebs away this wooly mammoth is still in business once or twice a year! Unlike my cousin who they’ve defrosted over there in Siberia.

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