10 thoughts on “BFO004 – Kickin’ Ass, or is it Ash, Wednesday

  1. Good lord, you really ARE recording a daily show! Who’da a thunk it? Anyway… “Angie” starred Donna Pescow, fresh off her Saturday Night Fever fame, and the yummy Robert Hays. Well, he was yummy back then. Who knows what the hell he looks like now?

  2. “Angie” took place in a diner…Philadelphia or Boston…think it was a Bicentennial link.
    It also starred Debralee Scott. She was in EVERYTHING in the 1970’s. You may recall her riveting performance as the screaming newlywed in “Earthquake”. Truly Oscar worthy.

    Also starring was Doris Roberts, as their mother. When did Doris Roberts NOT play a mother?

  3. Re: the Happy Dolphin. I remember many a Saturday night when the parents would spend the evening at the Happy Dolphin on St. Pete beach enjoying Lenny Dee and his big HAMmond organ…

  4. HORROR. All of this horrifies me sooooo much.

    Thanks for the credit. I’ll show you how to copy and paste anytime you big, fat, enormous, old, ancient, hairy thing.


  5. I gave Herbe a hard time about the sports teams thing too.

    I remember the Angie show too. I liked that show. It had the guy from the Airplane comedies. I have no idea what his name was but at the time I thought he was cute.

    If you get naked pictures, share them with me!

  6. I’m loving the Memory Lane segment. Man it’s amazing what garbage is stored deep in the recesses of my brain pan. I sang along to that Angie song even though I couldn’t for the LIFE of me remember what it was from!

    OMG Larry V posted. Hi Larry!

  7. Oh and B to the Dubs..

    what the hell are these buttons in the comment form??




  8. Brian from Boston, Big Fatty is actually Herr Große Fett–didn’t he tell you?

    The theme for thesec omments is from Germany, apparently, which is the default language. Since BF doesn’t use the computras, it may take awhile to anglicise the words.

    So: “Fett” means “fat”, but it’s short for “Fettshrift”, or “bold” in English. “Kursiv” (short for “Kursivschrift”) is Italics, “Zitat” means “quote” (and “Zitieren” means “quotation”). “Code” refers to HTML code, I guess (I’m thinking for tags like href) and “Link einfügen” means to insert a link.

    And they said high school German wouldn’t be of any use! Well, actually, they were right about that, but learning enough to be able to look it up was marginally useful.

    My translator wants to call Big Fatty “Grossem Fetthaltigem”, any REAL German speakers able to translate that?

    Sie sind fett!

  9. Big Fatty,

    Thank you so much for calling Herbe out on his non-sports self. Funny how every state that I named didn’t have a sports team. I am not even a sports person. Damn I am good!

    Ricky 1 – Herbe 0

    Thanks again,

    Ricky B

  10. Connecticut does have a Pro sports team, The Connecticut Sun… but I can see why the WoomensNBA teams might have slipped your mind 😉

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