9 thoughts on “BFO003 – FAT Tuesday in the FAT Cave…..

  1. Wow…you really are cranking them out!

    Yes, you are now ahead of Nessa in podcast episodes. You mentioned someone as being part of the “We’re mean because you’re stupid” show…but it is Walt who is the guy on that show.

    I LOVED the Fat Cave music! Michael is SO talented! You’re on show number 3 and you already have people making music for you! Damn, you’re BIG! I think that music will be perfect to use when you talk about the Quiz programs.

    I wasn’t aware of the “My Dad can beat your dad” show coming on…thanks for alerting me to that one!

  2. Thank you Noah! It was a pain downloading the files and then importing to itunes and then having to search for it in songs and then manually put it on the ipod. I prefer my podcasts to be in the podcast section!
    Thanks again!

  3. Actually Noah. The feed is http://feeds.feedburner.com/BigFattyOnline. Be sure to unsubscribe in iTunes and resubscribe through iTunes when they get him listed so that Big Fatty online gets the subscribe credits in the iTunes directories. And you know, Big Fatty loves is when we unsubscribe.

    Big Fatty: the Fat Cave Music Rocks! Major hugs to Michael at QCast Connection for creating that!

  4. In California, it wasn’t just Fat Tuesday, it was also Super Tuesday. That means Super Fat Tuesday!

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