7 thoughts on “BFO002 – Buper Sowl (pronounced Booper Soul)

  1. You know… ANYone can be a Big Sexy Online, but there’s only ONE Big Fatty. Embrace the uniqueness! Meh. (can we still say “meh”?)

  2. “You Bet Your Life”

    Just found you through Eric (Southern Boy). LOVE your show (I think we are close in age).

    I wonder if you would do me the honor of giving me a listen over at veraspeakspodshowcom.podshow.com

    Thank you kisses,

  3. If you’re getting so many comments and non-ham mappers already, just imagine what’ll happen when you’re on iTurds! The whole pod-o-sphere will be ruined!

  4. Damn Big Fatty, the show goes too fast; stop watchin’ the clock.

    Your Memory Lane music is reminding me how old and ruined I am. I had a huge crush on a young tv star named Tommy Reddig – remember who he was? 🙂

    At my age I take Metamucile as a recreational drug. Love ya BF

  5. As soon as you started playing the Memory Lane music, I was shouting at my iPod “Family!” I watched that when I was younger and loved Kristy McNichol….before I knew I was gay….probably because she was so butch. I thought she was a lesbian.

  6. The mother on “Family”, Miss Sada Thompson, always had the same expression, that of a stunned fish.

    I believe that Archerr is correct about Kristy McNichol. I heard that she grew up to be Madge Weinstein.

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