4 thoughts on “BFO415 – Hostage Situation

  1. Pert sure the iPhone will reset by holing both “on buttons” at the same time for about three seconds.

    Hope you’re up and running soon!

  2. Maybe the constant exposure to nitrogen, carbon dioxide, methane, hydrogen, hydrogen sulphides and carbonyl sulphydes corroded the circuits and damaged your poor iphone.

    Do you have an insurance for your device? Although I doubt that they will cover destruction by continuous proximity to gas emissions of decomposing nature caused by the user himself.

    So sad.

    I guess it’s bag phone again now?

    Try giving it a little kiss. This helps to bring all sorts of things back to functioning so I have heard. Good luck!

  3. Go ahead and keep Jer-ah-mah-yah’s call hostage! Don’t wanna hear it – he natters on about nothing even worst than you do.

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