3 thoughts on “BFO44 – Grandmothers and Sand Castles

  1. LOVED the grandma story! That sandcastles thing is just stupid. I do sort of remember “Please Don’t Eat the Daisies,” but not much. I don’t remember the theme music at all, however, that was one of the shows I thought it might be. Were you sending psychic energies out again, BF?

    Oh, and isn’t Mr. Larry H. Vader (V-e-d-e-r) now a listener, or does being an ex-podcaster still count toward the podcaster quota for voiceletters?

  2. I think it’s just me, Big Fatty. We are talking about gay podcasters, hon. 🙂
    I love the college football. I used to be really into college basketball, too, until they all started dropping out after their freshman year to go to the NBA and get gold teeth and stuff.

  3. These 20 minute episodes seem too short. Just when BF is getting to the good part of the story, the music starts.

    Nice to hear from Vader, V-e-d-e-r, though. Have you thought of doing a Larry Vader update, a la the Skull update? He can be the new Skull.

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