3 thoughts on “BFO43 – It’s Phoolish

  1. Yay! A “Mystery Lane” theme song I had never heard and once I found out what it was, I realised I didn’t know the show ever existed. Why is this good news? Because it means that sometimes the gaps in my memory aren’t recent, age-related memory losses, but sometimes there really are things I never knew in the first place. As Nessa would say, hurrah!

    Will Court TV be covering your legal proceedings?

  2. I love being such a part of your show. I love it when you through me in there. hehehe

    I hope you got a lot of new listeners this week. I know I told everyone I know to listen. I hope some of them came your way.

    I have never heard of that quiz program so I didn’t recognize the music. Oh well.

    Okay, I won’t call your show next week. 🙂

    Oh the drama about your law suit. I hope it goes well!

    Thanks for all the history behind April Fool’s Day.

    I’ve spent 14 hours listening to the Big Fatty???????????
    No wonder they won’t let me out of the home.
    I’ve GOT to get a life.

    Hugz, Fat One…..

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