7 thoughts on “BFO51 – Showering You With More Golden Quizing

  1. Happy Birthday!

    Or Anniversararium… or whatever!

    Still though, this show was like a rerun of one of your favorite quiz progrums. 🙁

  2. Ok big fatty, I’ve had the Flipper song stuck in my head since Thursday. FINGERR

  3. BIG FATTY!!!! I love this episode….well I love all your episodes… don’t forget I will defend you in the suit with the Cunt!!!

    SO when are you going to play memory lane music from my generation….

    LOVE YA!!!
    See you in my pool!!!

  4. Ryan is going to defend you? Maybe you should get yourself some books about ornithology – and try to get a cell in the west wing so you can see San Francisco through the bars.

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