7 thoughts on “BFO588 – Music to Poop By

  1. Oh no! It must be painfully difficult to keep her dentures in place while gnawing off the flesh of my tiny little lambs – poor SeaHag! I hope all the ash won’t give her blisters.

  2. BF, you have the “Blowing It Out with BigFatty” segment where us listeners get to vent about what’s bugging us, but how about a segment where you, BigFatty, get up on your own soapbox? Maybe even call it “BigFatty’s Soapbox” and have patriotic bumper music? It would be totally original and a podcasting first! Think about it BF…

  3. How about showing us a pic of the fabulous tshirt you got?

  4. Guru Nudie, how about naming it BF’s enema of the day.

  5. Love how BinD is naming it and getting authorization to do so from guru.

    Since the listeners have taken over….I would like to host another game but it is a little complicated. Perhaps Daniel & I could discuss it and then you would just follow along?

    Let me know – I am getting a bonus & well, since ya’ll do this for free for us, I just enjoyed the last one – well, uh, ‘cept maybe we should have said caller 7 because I was sincerely wanting to hear from listeners, podcasters or not, that didn’t matter.

    Anyway, Daniel? What do you think? (Fatty, does the breuer listen?)

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