BFO593 – Posting Problems

Dear Gussie!  The DSL connection at the Fat Cave is DOWN so I had to drive to the Coal Mine so that you would have a Hump Day show to enjoy.  The things Big Fatty does for the listeners… I think a voiceletter may be in order (especially from Larry and Larina the Lurkers!)

5 thoughts on “BFO593 – Posting Problems

  1. I am so glad and thankful you did not let us down and delivered again! what would I do without my daily dose of ruination?

  2. OMG the bagphone. My mother used have one of those for work in the early 90’s it cost like 10 bucks every time she made a call.

  3. I will contact both the Public Service Commissioner of South Carolina and the AT&T in the Atlanta and Georgia. It’s clear that do not understand with whom they are dealing. An internet celebrity of your rank and serial number should not put up with such telecommunication shenanigans from that little phone company in Atlanta. Should the truth come out and my experience in theses matters tells me that it rarly does that Vera Charles is at the bottom of this. And really would we expect her anywhere else. She is always bottoming something.

  4. Dear Gussie! Don’t predictive text on the Droid trying to text and drive!

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