5 thoughts on “BFO599 – Numerology

  1. You cannot sleep dear? Just try a cup of green tea. That’s an old people’s secret and it is so powerful that it will even make the people around you fall asleep after the second segment!

  2. Can’t sleep?
    The only show in a long time you didn’t let out a butt-clenching yawn.

  3. I think it’s so funny that you didn’t get a census form and are having a tough time connecting with that lady when you’re the one who has been playing that song for months and months now.

    Why are you putting up with the inter tube problem? Switch providers!!

  4. I just appreciate you getting a show done every day w/ no interlubes. I am still waiting for last fridays show – you know the one … Oh, BigFatty – just change providers! And if you don’t make sure you get a couple months free service – we got credit $60 on our cell phone bill because one of the berries in the family wasn’t working! Then you can eat more @ the gay days, right?
    Or drink more :]

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