6 thoughts on “BFO613 – Miss Kitty’s Box is Empty

  1. Ruined!!! Neither the iturds nor the BFO website will play today’s show 🙁

    Starting my day without BigFatty is like leaving the house without my morning relieve.
    Oh Lord, I think a lady should not say things like that. It must be this place…

    Have a great day BF and I cannot wait to listen to the show….

    xo kb

  2. Archerr – do you ever gag when listening while eating your cheerios? Just wondering.

    Well, I used to base my morning download on Veras comments but since she has either unsubscribed or is obviously falling asleep before its over … Why bother?

    Poor Big Fatty!!

  3. Show appears to play if downloaded from the front page of the BFO website.
    Which is just as well since i nearly suffered a panic attack when Gpodder couldn’t
    recognise the stream.
    Poor BF seem to be getting poorlier…

  4. Oh good. It’s fixed. Yeah……..good…………….yeah.

    That was SOOOOOOO worth waiting for.

    Thank Hydrogen for Miss Kitty or I would have poured acid in my ears.

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