BFO68 – Trying to Count

Big Fatty is driving the train again… he can’t count, he can’t get the listener map to load and he can’t get away from a scary podcaster’s voiceletter… but there IS some “Memory Lane” music.  Woo Hoo!

6 thoughts on “BFO68 – Trying to Count

  1. Hola El Graso – I loved your Spanish – it was Spanish? Wasn’t it? Because if it was meant to be something else then it was crap 🙂

    It is always a pleasure listening to you – no matter what language you speak 🙂

    PS: Good heavens – that voice mail was brilliant!!!

  2. I did give up my parking space for someone yesterday.

    I loved the Movie The Paper Chase and remember it being a TV show but I never saw it and I don’t remember it being on ShowTime at all. I didn’t recognize the music at all but do remember the movie. Oh well.

    Oooo..loved that message from Taylor. You should watch out for him!

  3. I don’t know if you intended the story about George to be funny, but I gawhuffed when you talked about laying on the grass.

    Thanks for the reminder about mother’s day. I guess I’ll have to run by CVS tonight and pick up a 99 cent card that really means something.

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