9 thoughts on “BFO67 – Random Act of Kindnesscast

  1. Maybe I’ll let someone have my parking space today as a Random act of kindness. Sounds like you had a wonderful Horror weekend. Congrats on winning the contests. I missed memory lane music. 🙁

  2. Oh I get mentioned twice in 1 week.
    I’m glad to hear my picture of the Tanq Gin bottle on display were received with must fanfare.
    And yes I did have a “wait honey, I need to take this picture for BF” moment. Thats also when I left my other voice letter about the deliciousness I was going to send.
    But alas, our schedule was so full and the drinks were pouring so often that I didn’t have time to send it any sooner, until we were at the airport to come home and had a 1.5hr wait.

    Toodles, and remember to practice Random acts of Kindness.

  3. I bought Big Fatty a cupcake today but did not let the FC in line behind me go first. There has to be limit to the randomness of the kindness. Pay it forward, BF!

  4. I was kind to the wife of some oil company executive today. By spending $50.00 to fill my gas tank, I figure that I helped to pay a portion of the cost of her tit lift.

    Just trying to put some positive spin on it, Big Fatty.

  5. The sound effects were a nice addition, except for one in particular.

    I was listening to this during my post-lunch walk around the neighborhood near work. The sounds of the airplane flying over was WAYYY too real and I jumped about 20 feet in the air, thinking I was about to get hit.

    I’m sure it must have been quite a sight to the people nearby.


  6. You have such a warm heart, Big Fatty!! I definitely participated in the random act of kindness, and I’ve been trying to do one every day this week.

  7. damn some how i feel behind big fatty! allt he way on episode 67, dun worry ill be caught up in no time!

    how him hating mex. food and dying on cinco de mayo equate im not sure, maybe b/c im more focused on his deth? haha
    UPDATE UR TWITTER! jus sent u a request to follow ur posts on there

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