BFO3890 – Who Won the Isabella Coleman Award?

The Fat One is back with a recap of his day in Fat Acres which included taking down the outdoor decorations at the Villa, some Chrima storage hints and a recommended show on kindness on the TV machine. Just watch below. Happy National Chocolate Covered Cherry Day.

BFO3772 – Sailor Talk

The Fat One visits downtown several times on today’s LITTLE show but does share his feelings on the raunchier Love Island and his savings at the Von’s East. There’s even a Random Actor Kindness thrown in. Happy National Junk Food Day… please alert old crooked hat!

BFO67 – Random Act of Kindnesscast

Big Fatty talks about some random acts of kindness and encourages you to perform one today.  Oh, and he talks about his HORRAH weekend in Charlotte, NC.  In fact, he talks so much that there’s no “Memory Lane” music.  RUINED!