4 thoughts on “BFO3721 – Reach Out, Be Kind!

  1. Great podcast. Going to make an effort to do kind acts all day.

    Did one yesterday that earned me a hug which really surprised me.

  2. Hi Big Fatty,
    Great advice, I try to be a good citizen and be kind to our fellow humans. Kindness is needed now more than ever. I promise you , I will do my best.
    Hugs and Squeezes for the Poodle and the Squeaky Kitty, Chicken, Duck…
    With love and a laugh,

  3. Your campaign for a Random Act of Kindness is part of my life now. It is the little things that make people smile – and it goes both ways. Being kind to someone often makes my day and makes me smile myself 🙂
    It is good advice from a good man. Thank you BigFatty!

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