BFO3721 – Reach Out, Be Kind!

The Fat One wants everyone to make him a promise before he starts the LITTLE show which is filled with LOTS of nattering, at least the parts he remembers, about his day in Fat Acres. Happy National Shrimp (not shrimping) Day.

4 thoughts on “BFO3721 – Reach Out, Be Kind!

  1. Great podcast. Going to make an effort to do kind acts all day.

    Did one yesterday that earned me a hug which really surprised me.

  2. Hi Big Fatty,
    Great advice, I try to be a good citizen and be kind to our fellow humans. Kindness is needed now more than ever. I promise you , I will do my best.
    Hugs and Squeezes for the Poodle and the Squeaky Kitty, Chicken, Duck…
    With love and a laugh,

  3. Your campaign for a Random Act of Kindness is part of my life now. It is the little things that make people smile – and it goes both ways. Being kind to someone often makes my day and makes me smile myself 🙂
    It is good advice from a good man. Thank you BigFatty!

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