BFO70 – The Big Announcement

BF plays some out-takes from yesterday’s interview with Mr. Vader (V-E-D-E-R), voiceletters and “Memory Lane” music prior to a big announcement for those attending Gay Days in June.  More information about the Gay Days event will be posted here on the BFO at Noon eastern today (Thursday, May 8).

4 thoughts on “BFO70 – The Big Announcement

  1. So sorry I’ll miss high tea with the Queen. Sounds like it will be a grand time.

    I loved Northern Exposure when it was on. I had crushes on several of the guys on that show. And I think they had the first gay wedding on TV on that show.

  2. Big Fatty, if I’m being completely honest, I’m slightly disappointed to hear your show is PRODUCED and EDITED. Out-takes?!? I just thought you were naturally talented and got it right…the first time! Way to kill by school-boy crush.

    You’re right, High Tea with the Queens is so much more better than being the pivot man. I’m so sad I’ll be missing it.

  3. Now when you said the clue was a moose, I thought first of “Northern Exposure”. I wonder i that says more about me or you–what I thought your choice of show would be. Or maybe it was that the first notes played so quickly. Either way, I loved that VERY quirky show. I think Archerr’s right about the wedding, and the episode about how Cicely (or however it was spelled) was some good TV.

    To Brian in Danbury, the only podcaster who doesn’t edit is Archerr. He’s also probably the one who sometimes most needs to…

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