8 thoughts on “BFO770 – It’s A Vanity Thing

  1. You got your inches wrong. We got 24 inches here in Danbury on top of the 12-18 inches we had from the last 2 storms that havent melted.
    Cuz ya know, an expert like you knows more inches are always better.

  2. I had to laugh at myself, thinking of Vera with a monical like Colonel Klink from Hogans Heros… and as she would raise her brow everytime you would say something off the wall about her and the monical would fall out of her eye….LOL…Vera and Colonel Klink related somehow?…hummmm.


  3. Hey WesStone- As an elder, loosing your eyesight is only a bonus of gaining alot of experience about people and what they are about 🙂

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