6 thoughts on “BFO811 – Lardest Färt

  1. What great news – I hope I can make it – I won’t say I knew the numbers were coordinates at all – but I did say I needed my longitude latitude map. (I am now paranoid and will follow up all comments with fact checking proof).

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    LLL4me2 KathyBofSD
    @StevenFromWI oh! That’s right! Must have been latitude & longitude, I forgot I was going to find a map…
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    (Sept 16 is little Bacon’s birthday – but hopefully I can make it….)

  2. Euh, it is still March! September is 6 month from now. What a great way just to tell us no pride weekend this summer. Meh.
    There aren’t enough coupons to get me there. After all who wants to see me anyway.

  3. The Government that I work for has this thing called a fiscal year end and Septembers are restricted leave months. Dear Gussie! I am going to pay big to be there Friday after work to be home Monday before work – hire a pilot and charter his flight?!?!

  4. First of all, how dare I not be consulted about this.

    Second, Miss Bacon, get your butt on a plane and stop meh’ing. We’ll all be there. OK, so Big Fat Ass and I will be there, enough said.

    Maybe there needs to be some new LFC swag to give out. Hrmmmmm

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