7 thoughts on “BFO830 – Lucky Dice

  1. For a Vulgah Report you didn’t put enough effort on this one! 2 yawns, 2 burps & 3 slurps. That’s not much for a poop.

  2. Oh Lord – HatM’s second comment. (Above)

    Of course you are getting this via e-letters and you – well, how dare I accuse you of not going to your own website – maybe you do?!? Dunno.

    I am going to send you $10. All the – oh, and an envelope and stamp – all the people have to di is call your little show and guess the number.

    What number you ask? Well, the number. The number that you are going to draw from the hat. What hat you ask? Well, the imaginary hat of course.

    My suggestion would be to maybe just close your eyes and pick two or three numbers from your rotary dial phone or something. And then give a range and the person closest without going over or the person just closest wins – you decide, you’re the game show host, I am just the prIze donator.

    Thank you for callin,!!

    Lord these games make me nervous – what if no one plays? I mean if someone GAVE me $10, I’d take It. Maybe Lurry will match – oh, too soon – that game is still not over. I really hope you don’t hate me for that one – ugh! Okay $10 forthcoming. Meh!!

  3. Of course being the ‘bright’ one that I am I just noticed that the name of this show is lucky dice – there you go, shake some die!!!

  4. The 15th – income tax day – there you go – as soon as you give the word, I am done volunteering you for games. (Stop – that’s the word). Maybe Mister San Fran will wil & you can add it to his $7.77 or – was he Mr. San Diego? I miss Wes Stone.

    Hydrogen I hope people don’t read my comments.

  5. People actually pay to see what’s under that kilt? Wow! I would pay to know if they really smell like tuna as everybody says….

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