5 thoughts on “BFO851 – Eatin’ Gouda Cheese

  1. You did it again – you said that I said Kyle sounds like Guru Nudie –

    Kyle sounds like Lurry Dean – No one else, just Lurry.

    You need a Western States Vacation!!

    Thank you for clearing that up – clear as mud. xoxoxox

  2. P.S. If you decide to run a correction on tomorrows little show, just read this: “Miss Melinda, long time listener, infrequent caller wrote in to say that she thought Ricky sounded a lot like Steven from the UK”

    That ought to clear it up, or, uh, Move it Forward….;-)

  3. Whilst I have yet to listen to today’s LITTLE PIECE OF SHIT, I feel compelled to comment on the photo.

    You’re costumed as A BEAR!?!? Really?!? Already!?!?!? Some things never change.

    Gooch only noticed how big the Trick Or Treat bag was. Fat starts young.

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