9 thoughts on “BFO852 – Lardo

  1. I do hope the Royal Muse is ready for Vera’s Diamond Jubilee to begin on sunrise tomorrow. Surely local grade schools will parade down her street singing in celebration of 75 years of Walnut Hills movie star. I am sure it will be a Hollywood’s who’s who for the next two weeks of brunches, cocktail parties and dinners. Is Monday a legal banking holiday in Walnut Hills?

  2. I know you got game BF…but next time you might try to fill up cart with Vaseline,zucchini, and Take That cd’s. Deep throat a banana on the way to the Ford Explosion and I have a feeling you won’t have say a word.
    Too easy.

  3. Best Show Art, Evah! Can’t wait to hear the A-LiiittttlllleeeShooooow, Big Fatty! Oh, and Happy Birthday, Auntie Vera! 75 is the new 21, so you’re all good still!

  4. This is my favorite show – can’t wait to August to hear Vera’s tribute ( your b-day is in August, right).

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