BFO853 – I Don’t Know What’s in the Water

The Fat One has had quite the weekend with lots of surprises to include something in the P.O. Box.  Anyone coming the NORTHERN California Meet and Greet need to get in touch with the Fat One regarding the best date for that hootenanny.

3 thoughts on “BFO853 – I Don’t Know What’s in the Water

  1. Hmm..could a person from Boston ACTUALLY wander into a New Hampshire State Liquor Store on his way to some R+R and buy a lottery ticket?
    Doubt it..that would take at least an hour. About a half an hour from Ipswich.

  2. A 3some? Dear Gussie! Honestly BigFatty I do admire how much fun you have. Your example gives me an optimistic prospect on what might be possible in 20-25 years!

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