BFO875 – Antsy Pantsy

The Fat One has nothing to talk about today but natters through the 20 minutes before you know it.  There’s an explanation of what is going on with Pride 48 in Las Vegas, over-fibering talk and a story about out-of-control ping pong balls.  Special thanks to Miss LaLaLaLauren for today’s new artwork.

Here’s the link to the Podcaster of America Welcome Address mentioned in today’s show:

Podcasters of America Dinner

8 thoughts on “BFO875 – Antsy Pantsy

  1. Hahahahaha! Hilarious show art again!!! Great job Miss Lala – and the title could be engraved onto the door frame of the Fat Cave to welcome the gentlemen callers

  2. Can you send me some of that Miracle Fiber. It seams we have the same poop and sleep biorhythm. When you don’t sleep, I don’t. When you don’t poop, I don’t either. I wish to get the gentlemen callers problem too. Meh, I guess not gonna happen.

  3. Just wanted to clarify that if next year there will be a big pride48 group event and we manage to attend the event… even after I’ve podfaded… the persons in charge with organizing the event should get their programs fixed earlier! Because, as you know, we Mexicans from the third world require an entrance authorization to go to the US land (way earlier in advance) and it can only be provided (if not refused) with a minimum of a hotel reservation and airplaino tickets documents proving plans for going and staying there.
    So I’m glad I’m not going (that’s not true) this year because I would have been hassling the organizers and be stressed about the whole thing!

  4. Awwww, I love the little video! BigFatty, you are the sweetest thing! And your new glasses look great!

  5. That video is just LOVELY! It is strange to see the picture going with the sound. Specially when you roll the eyes when thinking! So sweet.
    Too bad can’t go to Vegas to see that in person!

  6. From my experience with booking rooms in Vegas, I find its a LOT cheaper to book a room and a flight at the same time. Just FYI.
    Glad to hear things are “running” smoothly within the Fat One. (;

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