8 thoughts on “BFO925 – Black Hornet

  1. I have a great humping story, wanna hear it? Out here we refer to hiking the trails as humping …. So, you’re no longer interested? How DARE. You?!

    Last night there was a chicken bone in out supper we were sharing so we fot it for free.

  2. Time to get the bi-focals, dear Gussie (RIP) I can’t see,spell, or type for nothing.

    Miss Bacon is Fat, too! Course you won’t remember where that’s from … Please versus PLUS? Oh, forget it, you’re fat!

    Meh! Oh, Question, do you still dance and bounce on your seat, close your eyes and look at the ceiling when the music bits play?

  3. Mercy I make me laigh! BtW, I w/b a kimmies 🙂 even if you are the beaver. Haey, just Leave it to Beaver. Haha!

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