4 thoughts on “BFO980 – Safety Was of No Concern

  1. I can’t believe how excited I was about that hair and I still am!! Haha! My hair is a dark brown. I thiink ot looks black when its wet. Anyway, I love the color! I need to blow that picture up & take it to the salon! Yay!

    Well, at least when you get to ‘Nutsoes’ I will be able to relate.

    I love Ricky! He went & looked at my picture. He has dimples, the cutest ones.

    Big Fatty, you make this hard … You’re the best!!

  2. I don’t care if it’s an old or new matt, as long as it can take the crumbs falling from the plate, while naked.

  3. Kim – seems you might just be saying that because of the gun in my hand 😉
    Farty – I love the plastic mask with the stretchy rubber string with ‘barely a staple’ to hold it on & then the string comes out and who had a stapler laying around to fix it. Love the plastic costume. The circle parade in the gym in front of all the other kids. I think I was Betty Rubble more than once.

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