BFO981 – Five Spot

The Fat One natters about getting old and drunken sailors but has time for an “Ask Big Fatty” question or two and a quiz requiring your thinking cap.  Happy National Sandwich Day.

6 thoughts on “BFO981 – Five Spot

  1. Str8 guy to the rescue again!
    Oh wait…do one of the ladies want to explain this one to the Mexicans?

  2. How bout this one?
    She’s (he for the Mexicans) like a ride at Disney.
    Long line to get on,it’s over way too quick,but worth the wait.

  3. I forgot to say that’s a very very old ax Big Fatty you pulled up from the mail archive. You are on the right road to get to a higher level of processing mail in a “fashionable manner”. Though you won’t beat the Vonz guy.

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