5 thoughts on “BFO985 – Punkin’ Pie

  1. Love it! Strongly divided when there are only two choices? LOL I’m pro pumpkin pie and love a good homemade one. Some store bought ones are vulgar.

  2. I am pleased to know that “Live it Up!” was not the only show to completely forget Guru Nudie’s birthday today.

  3. Since the birthdays are so important to you I am going to honor Guru Nudie today by starting my Lurking 21 days early. Remember the peoples who won’t come out to play with me, I decided to take my ball home and not playing alone any more.

    Take care & be well. I will be listening to everyone that I am currently listening to and periodically checking websites.

    oxoxox KathyBacon, Lurker

    P.S. I look forward to the Chrima Show!

  4. yet another November birthday for you to mention, MINE!!!! November 16th, if you would be so kind! Thank you, you big fat thing you!


    P.S. Please don’t become a lurker, Kathy! We need your bat shit craziness, it fertilizes the whole pride48 fruitiness we’re trying to cultivate!!!

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